About Daypack
Daypack Team

The idea for Daypack was spawned within the offices of BuzzBuzzHome in 2014. While working on improving our data set of new construction homes we realized that acquiring digital listing feeds would be easier if builders were using sales and inventory management software.

So, we set out to build this software and called it Daypack. We consulted with many different builders and brokerages about pain points in the new home sales process. And, we studied how different industries were using sales software to increase efficiency and eliminate error.

In 2017, we launched Daypack and the reviews were ecstatic. Builders, developers and brokers loved the software. They told us it made their sales process simpler; documents were easy to find, deals could be completed in minutes, and real time information was always available.

Our mission at Daypack is to build the greatest new home sales software imaginable. Come see what we have created.